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There is no getting away from it, digital marketing is something companies simply cannot ignore anymore. Most customers and clients will reach for their phones or tablets and if they need a service or a product and type this into a search engine. If you have zero on-line presence, you are missing out on these potential customers and clients. Even if you have a simple one page website it is a way of customers who are actively seeking your services to connect and engage with you. This means It really is a sound investment for your company.

We like to think as your website as your own shop front on the internet, put simply it has to be inviting and make people want to explore your products and services. Along with great eye catching design, your website has to be functional and easy for your customers to navigate. When we are designing your website we bear these factors in mind, but we also want to work with you, to ensure that we are bringing your brand to life. We want to make sure that your image is portrayed to your customers accurately, this means that all of our websites are tailor made to meet your needs.

A common misconception that people have is that website creation can be an expensive process, this isn't true, at ATR Media Ltd we are aiming at small to medium sized companies, we can work with any budget providing you with as many of our services as you need. We are aiming to make this an affordable investment for you so you can increase your customer base online.

We offer both a website design and website creation services. You can engage us for either of these services or both. If you wish to find out more and see some of our website designs, click on the relevant button below.

If you are interested in our services call us on 01332 895953 alternatively fill in the contact form below.

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