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There are lots of companies out there who offer the products we offer. PPC advertising has been around a while, what makes us different? We want your campaigns to work for you! We already have a number of business we are doing this for. We offer you campaigns that will generate traffic to your website. We will get clicks on your website. We are open and honest with you, if a campaign isn’t generating the results expected, we contact you, we offer you solutions, we are here to help you, the business owner with their online marketing strategies.

We give you a designated campaign manager who will work with you to get your adverts right and we monitor your campaigns for you, this way it allows you to concentrate on the day to day running of your business.

If you want to meet us face to face, we can consult with you, in fact at the end of the campaign your campaign manager can schedule a meeting with you to discuss the results of your campaign and any follow up actions you wish to take.

At ATR Media we want to see people getting the success they deserve by increasing their online presence and inevitably their customer base.

We offer a fixed fee internet marketing service. We specialise in getting clients found on the first page of the largest search engine

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Get your business found on the first page of Bing or Yahoo or both with our specialist fixed fee price per click internet marketing service

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We set up and maintain social media campaigns using Facebook, Twitter and other social media websites. These are updated for you within the next business hour

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