Have you ever wanted your business to rank at the top of Google?

Worried it would be too expensive?....WE have News for you WE can make this happen!

Search Engine Campaigns from as Little as £99 Per Month.

Online Presence

We specialise in online marketing for small to medium sized businesses. We increase online visibility by increasing lead generation through online search engines to increase your customer base. Our packages are very competitive and can be changed to suit your needs.

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Website Creation

With our in-house design team we can generate bespoke websites which will fully meet your companies needs. All our designs are structured to make your customers experience stress free and easily guide them to the services/products they require.

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Design Services

ATR have a wealth of creativity and experience in designing graphics that attract potential customers, We incorporate your corporate image, how you have developed in previous times, where the business is situated now, and where you need to be positioned in the future.

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About Us

We are ATR Media Ltd, We specialise in obtaining high search engine positions and graphic design for our clients. We have over ten years joint marketing experience and 24 years design experience. This experience covers both internet and hard copy based marketing and design. We have a number of connections with both local and national press. We created ATR Media Ltd with the intention of providing small to medium sized companies with all the services they need to effectively increase their customer base.


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Our Approach

We believe our services and our approach are the best available. We do everything possible to make sure our clients are totally satisfied with the services that we provide. There are millions of people using the internet everyday, these people are actively looking to buy products and services from reputable companies, these companies, have done their homework and are making sure they can be found. Can the same be said for you?

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